Lab Coordinator

Davin YEUNG | Email

BSSc in Psychology, CUHK (2024)

Davin, who obtained a bachelor's degree in psychology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, became a member of the lab in July 2024. During his undergraduate studies, he examined the potential trade-off between accurate recognition of emotion cues and swift response among individuals with Alexithymia. Presently, his research interest includes exploring the socio-cognitive mechanisms that underlie how individuals acquire and interpret affective information.

Research Assistant Professor

Mary MA | CV

PhD in Social Science, HKUST (2023)

Mary is a Research Assistant Professor at the Division of Social Science, HKUST. Prior to joining the division, she served as a postdoctoral research associate at the Department of Psychology, University of Virginia from 2023 to 2024, and as a visiting scholar at the Graduate School of Education, Harvard University from 2022 to 2023. Her research focuses on social cognitive and emotional development, with a particular interest in how both children and adults utilize various cues to identify reliable partners for cooperation and trustworthy informants for learning in the social environment.


Graduate Students

Jacky FENG | CV

MPhil in Social Science, HKUST (expected in 2026)

After obtaining the MA degree in Social Science from HKUST, Jacky decided to pursue his MPhil study in Fall 2024. His research interest focuses on the intersection between prosocial behavior and emotion.

Felity KWOK | CV

PhD in Social Science, HKUST (expected in 2024)

Felity joined the lab in 2016 and served as a Lab Co-ordinator for four years before starting graduate studies at HKUST. She is currently completing her PhD study on coping and emotion. Felity is an awardee of HKPFS

Poppy ZHU | CV

MPhil in Social Science, HKUST (expected in 2025)

Poppy joined the lab in August 2023 after obtaining her MA degree in social science from HKUST. She is now completing her MPhil study. Her research interest lies in the sentiment analysis of social media data.

FOK Hung-kit

Lecturer, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Associate Professor, The Education University of Hong Kong

Ines LIN

Research Assistant Professor, The Education University of Hong Kong

Winnie YANG

PhD Candidate, University of Groningen

Michael BOND

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


National Tsing Hua University


Universidad Autonoma de Madrid


KU Leuven


National Institute on Aging


University of British Columbia


Boston College

Ellick WONG

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology