Lab Manager

Felity KWOK | Email

HBSc in Psychology, UToronto (2015)

After pursuing studies in Canada for more than a decade, Felity returned to Hong Kong to take over the lab in the summer of 2016.

Graduate Student

Xin HE | Email

MPhil in Social Science, HKUST (expected in 2020); BA in Psychology, Skidmore (2015)

After completing her undergraduate degree in psychology, Xin decided to study romantic love and close relationships further and is currently completing her MPhil study on the value of romantic love in marriage and dating relationships among Chinese adults.


Post-doctoral Fellow

Irene SZE | Email

PhD in Educational Psychology, CUHK (2016)

Irene served as a post-doctoral fellow at the Emotion & Culture Lab for nearly two years. Her research interests include parenting style, child development, personality, and cross-cultural research. She is currently a Research Assistant Professor at the Division of Social Science, HKUST.

Visiting Postgraduate Student

Lindy ARENDS | Email

MSc in Psychological Behavioral Change, Amsterdam (2017); BSc in Psychology, Amsterdam (2015)

After attaining her bachelor’s degree in 2015, Lindy went to India to investigate the social stigma surrounding the Indian widows. While pursuing her Master’s degree at the University of Amsterdam, she investigated the interpersonal effects of emotional ambivalence on social behaviors at HKUST. After her graduation, she moved to Beijing to intern at the Benelux Chamber of Commerce and took this opportunity to travel around China and Southeast Asia.

Graduate Students

Loretta CHAN | Email

MSSc in Clinical Psychology, CUHK (2015); MPhil in Social Science, HKUST (2013)

Loretta is now working as a clinical psychologist in Hospital Authority. Under Professor Yik’s supervision, she completed her MPhil thesis on exploring the nature of anhedonia and its correlates with personality and motivation among the university students.

Celia CHEN | Email

MPhil in Social Science, HKUST (2016)

Celia completed her MPhil thesis on examining how the Chinese express their pleasant and unpleasant emotions in both psychological and bodily means (e.g., somatization). Upon graduation, she moved back to Beijing.

Jessica JIANG | Email

PhD in Psychology, CUHK (2014); MPhil in Social Science, HKUST (2010)

Jessica is now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Special Education and Counselling, Education University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include emotion regulation, social engagement, and well-being across the lifespan. She completed her MPhil thesis on ideal affect among the Chinese.


Irene LEE | Email

MPhil in Social Science, HKUST (2006)

Irene joined the Nielsen Company in 2008 and left the market research industry as a Research Manager in 2013. Since then, she has been serving as a Government Executive Officer. Irene completed her MPhil thesis on exploring emotion reactions (e.g., vocal, physiological, and bodily) in everyday life.

Dennis LI | Email

MPhil in Social Science, HKUST (2014)

Dennis is now working as a Management Trainee in the Hong Kong Jockey Club. He completed projects related to facial expressions of emotions.

Kevin ZENG | Email

PhD in Social Science, HKUST (2015)

Kevin is now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Marketing, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong. His research interests include consumer psychology in cross-cultural contexts, online word-of-mouth, and judgment and decision making. He completed his MPhil and PhD studies under Professor Yik’s supervision.

Undergraduate Students

Felix CHO | Email

MPhil in Educational Psychology, CUHK (expected in 2021); BSc in IIM (Computational Cognitive Science), HKUST (2019)

Felix participated in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program in 2018 under Professor Yik’s supervision. He is now pursuing an MPhil degree in Educational Psychology at CUHK. His main research interest is cognitive neuroscience.

Lilian IP | Email

PCLL, HKU (2017); MA in Law, Bristol (2016); BSc in Biochemistry, HKUST (2014)

Lilian’s research was on the application of the script hypothesis to understanding Chinese emotion concepts. She went on to England to read law after completing her undergraduate studies at HKUST. She is now pursuing a legal career in Hong Kong.

Maurice LAM | Email

MSSc in Psychology, CityU (expected in 2020); BBA in Economics, HKUST (2018)

Maurice worked in the lab during 2017-18. He is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Psychology at City University of Hong Kong.

Athena LAW | Email

MA in Professional Educational Psychology, CUHK (expected in 2021); MA in Psychology, CUHK (2018); BBA in Professional Accounting, HKUST (2016)

Athena participated in the Undergraduates Research Opportunities program. Under the supervision of Professor Yik, she worked on a project exploring how university students coped with unpleasant affect. During her MA study at CUHK, she conducted research on dyslexia and children’s academic achievement. She is now pursuing a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology.

Diana MAN | Email

BSc in Economics and Finance, HKUST (2017)

Diana participated in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program under the supervision of Professor Yik during 2016-17. She worked on the project exploring unpleasant emotions experienced by mainland Chinese students studying in Hong Kong. She is now pursuing an MA degree in psychology at New York University.


Lab Managers

Trudie TONG | Email

JD, Western (2019), Hons. BA in Psychology, UWaterloo (2014)

After serving in the lab for two years, Trudie moved back to Canada for a law degree in 2016. She is currently pursuing a legal career in Canada.

Cheryl TSO | Email

MSSc in Couselling, HKU (2016); BSc in Psychology, UCSD (2011)

After managing the lab for two years, Cheryl ventured to the field of counselling. She is now a Research Executive at SGS Hong Kong.


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