Michelle Yik’s research centers on human emotion and culture. Her current scope of research surrounds three crucial areas of the human experience: the architecture of emotion, personality and well-being, and the experience of love in cultural contexts. Her first line of research concerns the development of a 12-point circumplex model in the English and Chinese languages to describe emotion. More recently, she is collaborating with researchers from 32 communities  to examine the architecture of emotion and its relationship with personality and psychological well-being. Her second line of research targets the relationship of pleasure-displeasure, focusing on how people in Eastern (Western) culture can (cannot) feel happy and sad at the same time. To thoroughly examine the role of culture on this happy-sad relationship, she initiated an experience-sampling study and is currently recruiting collaborators around the globe. Her third line of research concerns how people of different cultures understand (romantic) love, while engendering diversified understanding by stretching the investigation beyond the Western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic (WEIRD) societies to include communities on six different continents.

Curriculum Vitae